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Additional language support is now in our Gallery Wall & Gallery Wallpaper apps!

Yes, we've finally started adding additional language support. To get started we now have added both Polish and German to all versions of Gallery Wall and Gallery Wallpaper!

17-01-2013 2003

Ad Support added to our Demo versions

Yes we have added Ad support to the Demo versions of our apps. We have chosen an Ad network designed to improve the visibility of our apps on the Android marketplace.

So what does this mean for you? It means that the Demo versions of our apps will contain unobtrusive Ads promoting other similar apps for Android devices and in turn those apps will carry Ads for our apps.

Will we be adding Ad support to our paid apps? NO, absolutely not, if you have paid for the full version of one of our apps then you will not be subjected to any Ads :)

10-12-2012 2053

We are listed on

We have had our apps listed on which is a nice surprise. Why not pop over to them now and see our listings :)

 View all HiFiveApps on

09-11-2012 1430

Gallery Wall released!

Our second Android App has been released. Gallery Wall is a widget-only app allowing you to display all your photo's on your home screen. You can select 1x1, 2x2 or 3x3 layouts for your widgets and customise the content to display (i.e. which album to show in each widget, how often each widget updates and even a border colour for those with Honycomb 3.1+).

Would you like to try before you buy? Not a problem we have also released a demo version with the following limitations: only 1x1 and 2x2 widgets allowed; only the first 10 images are shown from each album selected; and the update intervals are restricted to 1 hourly changes only. Other than that you can play with it to your hearts content to satisfy yourself that this is the app for you!

Get the full version here: Get it on Google Play

Get the demo version here: Get it on Google Play

11-09-2012 1930

Try before you buy! Gallery WallPaper Demo now live on Google Play!

Now you can sample our first app by downloading the demo app. You will be able to see 3 of your pictures used as wallpapers, changed automatically every hour. Additionally you can add the widget to your home screen to manually cycle through the 3 pictures on every press!

We hope you enjoy it!

Get it on Google Play

11-07-2012 2009

Our first app goes live on Google Play...

Gallery WallPaper!

Our first app is now published, a simple wallpaper changer that promises ease-of-use and a small footprint on your device... a win win for anyone wanting a wallpaper changer that works when you want it to!

08-07-2012 2130

Welcome to the HiFiveApps website.

Thank you for visiting our new website. With the launch of this website we aim to document our work as we publish easy-to-use Android apps. To kick things off we already have one app on the brink of release with another already in development. As soon as we are ready, details will emerge here and on our Twitter feed.

01-07-2012 2100

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